DATE: JUNE, 2020


About “Second Indian Education Festival”

The aim of India's biggest educational initiative “Second Indian Education Festival” is to spread the cause of education, pan India. The main objective is to motivate common people and academia to celebrate and contribute to the noble cause of education. Anyone can participate in this festival by devoting some time for teaching, sharing of experiences, organising educational activities, donating books, academic resources to a public library or to needy students. Be a part of this exciting initiative and celebrate the “Second Indian Education Festival” to spread the cause of education..


Dr. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe
Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education

The Record which was made on 18th April, 2019 is very noteworthy that on a single day in 56 different places, 14 states, if you are able to accommodate 12,500 people in one go for improving the quality of Education, I think hats off to CEGR for that Reason.

Prof. K. K. Aggarwal
Chairman, National Board of Accreditation

First Indian Education Festival was Successfully organized on 18th April, 2019 by Centre for Education Growth and Research, as it realized that Education's importance can be best conveyed, particularly to the youth in the form of a festival. More than 12,500 People through 56 Event in 14 States were benefited on a single day. Best part of this event was it motivated people to donate books to needy users or public libraries directly.

Activities under Second Indian Education Festival
  1. Inaugural IEF Summit in New Delhi
  2. National Seminar and Confrence in various cities of India
  3. MDP by eminent academicians for corporate
  4. DP by Academic Leaders for Faculty Members
  5. Lecture Session by eminent experts for Students
  6. Role play and Nukkad natak at various locations
  7. Discussion on National Education Policy at various locations
  8. Book Donation Camp at various locations
  9. Many More evnet to Promote the Cause of Education

How to Contribute in IEF

  1. By becoming speaker for any IEF Event
  2. By organizing IEF events in your college/school or locality
  3. By becoming an organizing team member or volunteer, to IEF
  4. By attending any IEF events
  5. By donating a Book /Academic Resources to needy/Public library
Participants Profile
  1. Chancellor/Vice chancellor
  2. Chairman/Director/Dean
  3. Academicians
  4. Corporate
  5. Students/Researcher
  6. Media

Inaugural Summit: Ball Room, Shangri La's, The Eros, Janpath, New Delhi     View Details

During Inaugural Summit of Second Indian Education Festival, few Individual and Institution will be recognised with much awaited and Prestigious award.     View Details

Last Date for Nomination: 10th April, 2020

Contact for Details
Ravish Roshan
Centre for Education Growth and Research

Mobile: +91-99-7102-6007, +91-98-1813-6050, 011-49786238