Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR) is the leading and only education think tank in India, credited with four innovations. CEGR is dedicated towards qualitative, innovative and employability-enhancing education, preparing the next generation as future leaders. The Centre provides a platform for the exchange of dialogue among educationists, the media and policy makers and augments educational growth and research. With over 5000 aligned academicians, corporate and researchers, the CEGR National Council comprises of 30 Chancellors and Vice Chancellors from various regions of India, Bureaucrats from AICTE, Association of Indian Universities and leading industrialists. This CEGR National Council Guides and mentors the Core Committee, 7 Departments, 15 Discipline Committee and 24 Industry Committee.

CEGR advocates quality education through national seminars, conferences, workshops on various issues related to education, skill development, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, etc. Recommendations emerging from these deliberations are widely circulated to relevant stakeholders and pursued. CEGR, through its various sub committees regularly comes out with reports and publications for the benefit of society which are widely accepted as authentic reference for research. The 4 unique innovation include (i) Research Based Book in India for Academic Leaders i.e. Higher Education Leadership and Management, (ii) Research Based Book in India for skills gap i.e. Corporate Employability Skills (iii) Research Methodology for Faculty (iv) First research based book in India for Faculty Career Orientation i.e. Higher Education Faculty Career Orientation and Advancement.

CEGR is authorized to recommend Academic Institutions pan India for various grants, schemes and opportunities of Two Sector Skill Council under National Skill Development Corporation i.e. Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council and Media and Entertainment and Skill Council.

Vision of CEGR is to be the leading Research Based Education Think Tank of India assisting government in drafting stakeholder centric policies and in the benefit of society. CEGR aspires to assist government in creating India as the best Global Research Hub and preferred global education destination for the students i.e. Learn in India.