Centre for Education Growth and Research was established with a vision to become an independent think tank, dedicated to qualitative, innovative and employability-enhancing education, and preparing the next generation as future leaders. The Centre is a platform where exchange of idea among Academicians, Corporate, Media and Policy makers,takes place.

In a short span, CEGR has successfully initiated serious discussions on issues faced by academia. Many activities, seminars have been organized, which were attended by galaxy of eminent Academicians, Academic administrators, and students. CEGR has become a platform where innovative ideas are incubated, deliberated and offered to be tried out to improve the dismal state of education. CEGR has taken up the onerous task of publishing research based publication in virgin domains. These publications are in conventional book forms, as well as in video form.

Institutions of Higher Learning are producing unemployable graduates and Corporate Houses are demanding qualified and skilled candidates. Government Departments who were ‘and are the biggest job providers have undergone policy changes no longer have huge vacancies. The situation is chaotic and demands that academia should take the lead and prepare students who are employable. Self employment or entrepreneurship is another field where the youth can be guided. We need to introduce practical exposure, workshops instead of teaching the subject as part of theory. Last few years has seen emergence of unprecedented introduction and phenomenal growth of start ups. Creativity or innovation is the key word and needs to be nurtured, ideas are to be shaped and backed up.

CEGR has taken this role seriously. In the last one year CEGR has introduced many books, addressing these issues, offering solutions. CEGR publications on Entrepreneurship Development, Higher Education: Leadership and Management, Corporate Employability, and Effective Business Communication are humble contribution to the youth of India making them entrepreneurs, employable, academic leaders or managers of tomorrow.Some Universities and Colleges have already adopted these publications and some other are in the process of adopting this content in their course curriculum and programmes. The time has come when we need to shed our fear, take bold decisions, so that the next generation who has to take charge of the Country becomes evolved, competent and employable.

Wishing you all the best

Mr. Sanjiv Goswami

President, CEGR and

Managing Director, Springer Nature